Writing & Editing

Say what needs to be said.

Direction, concept, tone, voice. Call it what you will, but without the right words, in the right order, it’s just a shadow. When the truth needs to be told, we’ll help you create the messages you need to communicate, motivate, inform and inspire.

Internal Communications

Carrington Compass stories

Stories that run the gamut from philanthropy, benefits, recognition, business updates, industry recognition and more on the intranet for The Carrington Companies.

Xome’s Important Promises

These three documents spell out important Xome values: the 5 Cultural Elements at the core of Xome; the commitments Xome makes to current employees around the world; and the promises Xome makes to candidates considering joining the Xome team.

JCPenney 2013 Statement of Business Ethics

Courtesy. Dignity. Respect. In a challenging time, the 2013 Statement of Business Ethics serves as a cornerstone to carry JCPenney forward it regains its foothold in American retailing.

jcpnn stories

Diverse stories from jcpnn, the intranet news source for all JCPenney employees.

Brink’s World stories

Brink’s World is the daily intranet news source for Brink’s employees around the world.

Brink’s Social Media Summary and Social Media Policy

To set expectations for Brink’s employees using social media, we created Brink’s social media summary and full policy.

Brink’s weekly change management letters

Change management was a critical Brink’s initiative. To facilitate change and drive engagement, an extensive series of weekly letters was created for Brink’s leadership team.

Executive Messages

Carrington CEO Messages

Selected messages for Bruce Rose, CEO and Founder of The Carrington Companies.


Xome CEO Welcome Letter

Xome CEO Kal Raman welcomes new employees to Xome in the first official greeting from company leadership for new Xome employees.



JCPenney CEO Messages/Mike Ullman

Selected messages from JCPenney CEO Mike Ullman.

JCPenney CEO Messages/Ron Johnson

Selected messages from JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson.




Brink's President Messages/Larry Rodo

Selected messages from Larry Rodo, President, Brink's U.S. and EVP, North America.

Public Relations

Carrington News Releases
Selected news releases for the various Carrington companies.

Carrington Bylines
Selected bylined articles placed in mortgage, real estate and luxury travel media position the various Carrington companies as respected voices.

Xome News Releases
Selected news releases for Xome and its family of companies, including the release for the Xome launch.

Hilton Waco News Release
News release detailing the upcoming renovation of the Downtown Hilton Hotel in Waco, Texas.

Brink’s U.S. restructuring
News release explaining minor restructuring of Brink’s U.S.

Brink’s Plan for 2012 FAQs
FAQs used by senior account managers to explain regional consolidation to major Brink’s U.S. customers.

FSMB election results
News release outlining Federation of State Medical Boards leadership changes following election results.

Interviews & Features

Colin Powell interview

One-on-one conversation with Colin Powell in which he reprises the last days of the Cold War and his role in Desert Storm, and in which he tells Americans what he believes is their duty to their country.

D-Day 50-year anniversary interviews
This story on the 50-year anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy included interviews with an airborne commando, a nurse, a coast guard coxswain, a B-26 Marauder pilot and others who were there that fateful day.

Kofi Annan interview
An article for the Vienna-based Society Magazine on United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's first official visit to Vienna. Society Magazine is the official magazine for the United Nations in Vienna.

11 days in Ecuador
A travel story documenting an amazing 11-day journey through Ecuador—from the capital city of Quito to the celebrated open-air market in Latacunga, through the Andes to the coastal city of Guayaquil and on to the Galápagos Islands.

Denton Cooley interview
Denton A. Cooley, M.D., pioneered heart surgery. By 1996 he had performed more than 90,000 surgeries. He tells his story with remarkable humility.

Yellowstone on horseback
This travel story chronicles a seven-day horseback trip through the heart of historic Yellowstone National Park.

Kenneth H. Cooper interview
Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., is known as “the father of aerobics.” When he tells the story of his remarkable achievements, he says they were the result of divine intervention.

Glynn S. Lunney interview
Glynn S. Lunney was a part of NASA missions from the Mercury program to the space station. He chooses the 13 greatest moments in space flight.

Pinehurst tournament feature
This story details a three-day golf tournament at the historic Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina. With a guest appearance by Hurricane Fran.

Stephen K. Hayes feature
Stephen K. Hayes is a bodyguard for the Dalai Lama, has appeared in numerous television shows and films, and was the first Westerner allowed to learn and later teach the Ninjutsu he learned high in the mountains of Japan.

Clothilde Hewlett interview
Clothilde Hewlett was San Francisco's first African-American police commissioner. As a child living in a housing project, she decided that one day she would revolutionize police work in the Bay Area. She succeeded.

Vice Admiral Robert J. Spane interview
In an interview aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, Vice Admiral Robert J. Spane, commander of the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet, discusses the delicate balance of war and peace and praises the men and women under his command.

Clubs & Members
In every issue of ClubCorp’s Private Clubs magazine, “Clubs & Members” is a six-page department featuring events at country clubs and city clubs owned by ClubCorp and interviews with the high-profile members of those clubs. More than 40 columns produced during an eight-year period.

Checkbook justice
This darkly humorous take on “checkbook justice” resulted in a storm of controversy. The magazine received more reader mail (both pro and con) about this story than about any other during the magazine's 10-year history—primarily from plaintiffs attorneys.

Brooks Stevens interview
Pioneer industrial designer Brooks Stevens invented the first steam iron, put the window in the clothes dryer, designed the 1950 Harley-Davidson, and coined the term “planned obsolescence.”

Charles Watson interview
Years before the Worldcom and Enron debacles, Charles Watson, in his book Managing with Integrity, warned that American companies must operate with integrity or face terrible conseqences.

That’s Private
Editor in chief Edward Pittman sums up a summer issue of ClubCorp’s international magazine Private Clubs.

Spoken messages

Brink’s Plan for 2012
During a critical time, this message from Brink’s president presented the 2012 plan to combat shrinking margins, rightsize company regions and adjust the sales mix.

2011 Brink’s U.S. National Meeting
In 2011, the need to generate better business results was paramount. This message from Brink’s president presented the 2011 plan to company leaders.

2010 Brink’s Canada National Meeting
Brink’s EVP North America challenged Brink’s Canada company leaders to do more in this message for the Brink’s Canada National Meeting.

2012 Brink’s Roadshow
In the midst of massive change in the third-party logistics industry, coupled with large-scale process improvements taking place for Brink’s U.S., this message for the Brink’s president was presented to employees across the United States.

2010 Brink’s U.S. National Meeting
“The race is ours to win” was the message Brink’s president Larry Rodo delivered to employees in 2010.


Brink’s Strategic Internal Communications Plan
The first strategic internal communications plan for Brink’s U.S. provided an analysis of existing internal communications channels and provided the first internal communications strategy for this historic company.

Learning Hall business plan
A business plan for distance-learning startup Learning Hall.

DMG business plan
A business plan for technology startup Digital Morphology Group.

Learning Hall marketing plan
A strategic marketing plan for distance-learning startup Learning Hall.

Brink’s social networking business case
A business case to create an internal business-driven, social networking environment at Brink’s.