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Our reasons for being.

No matter what we’re doing for clients, making them happy is an integral part of every service we provide. Whether it’s a complete communications package or a revisitation of existing materials, we do whatever is necessary. The below clients are just a few of the many organizations that have trusted us with their business.

We couldn’t have said it better.

We get a thrill when we receive letters or emails from clients like those reproduced below. Here’s what some of our favorite clients have had to say about us.


The first two testimonials require an introduction. Dr. Helmut Zilk was one of the most admired political figures in modern Austrian history. He was known and respected throughout the European Union—as well as in Asia, Great Britain and Russia. Imagine getting a testimonial from John F. Kennedy and you have some idea.

Herr Pittman,

As Austria endeavors to become a more competitive part of the European Union, translation of advertising materials, presentations and documents to English—the one common language of the new EU—are and will continue to be essential to this country’s success and to the success of the companies that operate within our borders. On behalf of the Office of the Mayor of the City of Vienna, thank you for your fine work for Austrian companies and corporations.


With best wishes,
Helmut Zilk


Dr. Helmut Zilk
Mayor and Governor (1984-1994) Vienna, Austria
Services for this client: identity

Herr Pittman,
We are very enthusiastic about the quarterly newsletter for Wiener Städtische. The subject of a bilingual newsletter has been a topic of discussion for quite some time—but until now we did not feel we had the precise mix of design, translation and writing expertise we knew was necessary to successfully realize our concept. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your firm that will allow us to publicize the continuing accomplishments of Wiener Städtische in the many countries where we do business—in languages everyone can understand.


With our best wishes,
Helmut Zilk


Dr. Helmut Zilk
Executive Chairman of the Supervisory Board Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna, Austria
Services for this client: quarterly bilingual newsletter design, translation, writing

Edward Pittman and the Creation Engine group do a superb job of creating, organizing and humanizing websites, print advertising, multimedia files ... you name it! As the CEO of Jocelyn White Productions, Inc., Edward has helped our new TV show “Designing Texas” establish an identity ... and helped me organize and understand my Macintosh in first-rate timely fashion. Plus, let’s face it, as we Texans say, “Edward is a hoot!” (That means a lot of fun to work with!)


Jocelyn White
CEO, Jocelyn White Productions, Inc.
Services for this client: Identity and print advertising

We got to know Edward Pittman and Creation Engine rather by chance. Since then all of our projects in English have been checked and rewritten by him. He not only checks the English language, but identifies mistakes or weaknesses as far as logic, form and content are concerned. It has always been a pleasure to work with Edward.


Alexander Reiberger
Managing Director, DMC Group
Services for this client: translation, copy editing and writing

Greetings, Edward! Again, I am so excited about our website. We have been referring people to it and they love it! Also, I will ALWAYS remember you in future professional opportunities—websites or otherwise. You are terrific, my friend. It will be a pleasure to work with you again. Many thanks.


Best regards,


Cindy Brinker
Owner and CEO, Brinker Communications, Inc.
Services for this client: first company website

You certainly give the big boys a run for their money. I wish our agency was always as fast and thorough as Creation Engine when it comes to the needs of this region. Good luck to you and thanks again for the fine work.


Joe Reardon


Joe Reardon
Director of Sales and Marketing
Marriott International, Inc.
Services for this client: print advertising

Dear Creation Engine,
I am very pleased with the new website. Clients are responding to it very happily, and many are enjoying the sections in English. This will be a great help to my practice.


With best greetings,
Claudia Hainlen


Claudia Hainlen, Dipl. Logopädin
CEO, Logopädische Praxis
Services for this client: identity, translation and website

Dear Edward:

I want you to know that the website you designed and created for me has been receiving great acknowledgement. It has truly shown my paintings in the way I wanted them to be viewed. I appreciate your dedication to “getting it just right,” and believe the website will properly promote the paintings and give me the exposure I want.


Best regards,
Dan Coffman


Services for this client: website