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During a time when sales success is critical, Country music legend Blake Shelton delivers an inspiring holiday message for JCPenney employees.

JCPenney CEO Mike Ullman answers tough questions from employees live and on camera during each monthly edition of Open Mike.


Joined by another member of the senior leadership team, JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson is provides a back to school update, reinforces the new company mission and delivers shout outs. Ben outlines the amazing progress in building new shops, and lets employees know what’s to come.



In March 2012 Canadian superbrand Joe Fresh made its debut on and in nearly 700 stores. This video featured Joe Fresh creator Joe Mimran introducing his line to JCPenney employees.



12 days, 12 cities and lots of holiday love. The JCPenney 2012 Giving Tour opened with Grammy-winning performer John Legend and drew to a close during a concert with country-western entertainer Blake Shelton.



Attracting top talent to a company is a full-time job. This video leverages members of senior JCPenney leadership to entice graduating seniors from America’s premier universities.



jcpnn was a monumental communications milestone for JCPenney: a SharePoint-driven internet that made company news, videos and training accessible to employees 24/7/365 on their personal mobile devices.


After six months of trial programming, JCPTV launched in January 2014 in 1,083 JCPenney locations, featuring video, digital messages and a feed for short messages.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a teacher from Public School 47 in Queens, N.Y., thanks JCPenney for giving to those who lost so much.



The next generation of jcpnn was designed to be fully interactive and to engage JCPenney employees as never before, with realtime comments and a customizable newsfeed.



A store leader talks about the importance of JCPenney’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


An overview of the massive JCPenney Home relaunch created for internal and external audiences.



JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson is joined by another member of the senior leadership team to build excitement and outline the extensive promotional plan for the 2012 holiday season. With a surprise appearance by Ellen DeGeneres.



One of three “sizzle” videos to create excitement about the JCPenney Levi’s store-within-a-store.



JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson makes an unscheduled appearance to thank employees, reinforce the company’s value proposition and brands and emphasize the F.A.I.R. way to treat customers.



The king of the sidewalk. The iconic Big Wheel, made in America, returns. Only at JCPenney.



A partnership with Little Maven creator Tori Spelling — centered around “a day of glamping ”— to ensure JCPenney employees understood the spirit of the Little Maven brand.



The launch of Canadian powerhouse brand Joe Fresh in JCPenney stores was the most successful brand launch in company history. This montage piece incorporates a sincere thank you to employees, pulls footage from several launch events and includes a Joe Fresh fashion show at company headquarters featuring JCPenney employees modeling the new Joe Fresh fashions.


During a time when morale and engagement are of paramount importance, “We’re Listening” introduced the 2012 JCPenney Associate Survey to impress upon employees their responses were important — and anonymous.


To boost engagement, these videos are created monthly and broadcast companywide on digital signs to let employees know about new training opportunities.



Nina Garcia takes a break from her role as a judge on TV's "Project Runway" to share with JCPenney employees her thoughts about Hispanic Heritage Month and her role as JCPenney’s Style Voice.



This tour of the JCPenney concept environment emphasizes the departments, brands, technology, service options and environment of the new JCPenney store.



Exciting Indycar racing footage from the Chip Ganassi Racing Team fired up the audience at the Brink’s Canada Annual Meeting as this video encouraged employees to drive for results in 2011.



The “Never Run Alone” video was paired with strong spoken messages about performance at the 2010 Brink’s U.S. and Brink’s Canada national meetings.



This onboarding video explains how Brink’s works as a company, emphasizing the necessary synergy between business units.



Brink’s employees across myriad job types tell global HR leadership the many things they need to do their jobs, stay safe and create success across the Brink’s world.



Anti-robbery training is a critical component of the secure logistics industry. Two first-hand narratives by Brink’s employees—both of whom were shot multiple times during an attack—dramatically underscores the importance of first-rate training.



An introduction to the $2.5 million Brink’s University facility and an overview of the Brink’s training and development program.



In 2010 Brink’s launched a five-year plan to ensure success in the secure logistics industry with this video. CEO Michael Dan introduced a new mission, vision and four primary strategic imperatives.



This inspiring story about the importance of keeping one’s word during wartime enthralled company leaders at the 2011 Brink’s U.S. Annual Meeting. The title, “Because We Said We Would”, took on a life of its own and was incorporated into numerous campaigns and messages during 2011.



Info video about Canada and Brink’s for the 2012 Brink’s Canada Annual Meeting.